Runet - what is it?

Runet, as an object of our research is a lot of autonomous systems registered by residents of the Russian Federation, and their routing policies.

Autonomous systems

A ranked list of Russian autonomous systems. The ranking is based on the number of addresses or the number of prefixes for IPv4 or IPv6.
Data sources are RIR databases.

For each autonomous system, the following is displayed:

  • Number of addresses and prefixes,
  • Which as-set it announces,
  • Which as-set, announced by Russian AS, it is part of
  • The connectivity graph to the traffic exchange points MSK-IX, DATAIX, PITER-IX, EurasiaPeering-IX, W-IX, RED-IX, SIBIR-IX, SEA-IX, CRIMEA-IX, M-IX, BAIKAL-IX, RB-IX, ULN-IX, SFO-IX, TSK-IX, YAR-IX and to the world's largest telecoms operators

AS-SET objects

List of as-set objects, annouced by Russian autonomous systems.
The appearance of loops among as-set objects is monitored.
For each as-set object, we define the set of aut-num comprised to this as-set, or its nested as-sets without the nesting level restriction.
The number of these aut-num is tracked in time, the increment is indicated for the day, week, month.
The nesting graph as-set is constructed.
Data sources are RIR databases.

Runet connectivity

The diagrams reflecting local BGP-connectivity of the Russian autonomous systems are constructed:

  • circle charts for the number of links for IPv4 and IPv6
  • histograms of the distribution according to the number of BGP-neighborhoods for different types of AS (transit, multi-homed, edge)
  • circle charts of the Runet core (for AS with the number of neighbors of 100)
The Russian ASs are ranked according to the number of BGP-connections.

Runet services

The main services of the Runet are analyzed, namely Web-nodes (including HTTPS/TLS) and e-mail (MX-nodes) that are linked to the .RU, .РФ and .SU domain zones.
TOP-20 of autonomous systems with the largest number of Russian web-services is defined. The rating of Russian edge ASs is presented, containing web-services, access to which is associated with a transboundary transition.
For each Russian domain name, the availability graph from the "global Internet" and from the route-servers of the largest Russian traffic exchanges MSK-IX and DATAIX is built.
The method of investigation is described in the article.