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About this site

Internet site (Internet Digital Identifiers Data Base) is created with the purpose to present the results of the studies conducted by the Foundation for Development of Network Technologies "InData". The main object of the research is the Russian segment of the Internet (RUNET). The site contains general statistics on autonomous systems and IP-addresses worldwide, as well as more detailed analysis of the Russian segment of the Internet. All the tables, graphs and diagrams that are displayed on the site are based on the most recent and reliable data received daily from regional registries, well-known Internet projects that accumulate the routing information of a large number of operators (RIPE RIS, RouteViews), as well as from route-servers of the traffic exchanges MSK-IX, DATAIX, PITER-IX, EurasiaPeering-IX, W-IX, RED-IX, SIBIR-IX, SEA-IX, CRIMEA-IX, M-IX, BAIKAL-IX, RB-IX, ULN-IX, SFO-IX, TSK-IX, YAR-IX. is a resource that can be useful both for network engineers and analysts, as well as for journalists and a wide range of visitors interested in the development and functioning of the Internet in general and, in particular, its Russian segment. With the help of the proposed tools the user can obtain aggregated information based on data that is taken from different sources and has different storage formats. An important property of the resource is the accumulation of historical source data, i.e. the user can get information on any date.

The section "Internet" contains statistical information on the number of autonomous systems, IPv4 addresses and IPv6 prefixes / 48 in the context of regional registries (RIR) and individual countries. Whois-service provides a search in an integrated database, which is generated daily based on data from regional registries. A variety of filters allow you to make a very sophisticated whois-request. The search for keywords is implemented.

The section "Runet" is devoted to macroscopic research of the Russian segment of the Internet, in particular, you can see the rating of Russian autonomous systems based on the number of IP addresses and prefixes and the graphical representation of the local BGP-connectivity of autonomous systems. Current information on as-set objects announced by autonomous systems owned by residents of the Russian Federation is provided. The subsection "WEB-services" is devoted to the analysis of Runet services based on routing information.

In the section "About" the main research directions are listed, the partner companies contributing to the development of the project are shown.

The information presented on the site about the ownership of IP addresses to a certain country is based on the statistical reports of the Regional Internet Registries, which in turn reflect the data that the companies provide in requests for allocation of IP addresses. In fact, a single IP address can be used in a country that was not specified in the request.