About InData Foundation project

Foundation for Development of Networking Technologies InData conducts the project "Macroscopic Research of Internet Infrastructure" and researches in the following directions:
Analysis of the interactions of autonomous systems of the Russian Internet segment with each other and with autonomous systems of foreign operators, including the ranking of autonomous systems by their significance for the stable functioning of the Russian Internet segment.
Analysis of potential threats to the sustainable operation of the Russian Internet segment due to incorrect routing.
Collecting the maximum range of statistical information on the current state of the Russian Internet segment.
Development of graphical visualization tools for fast identification of the problems in the Internet traffic routing.
Development of web-tools that allow providing a wide range of Russian specialists with up-to-date and complete information about the Russian Internet segment, as well as about individual networks and the quality of their interaction with other networks.

Our partners

MSK-IX accelerates communications between Internet companies by providing a neutral Internet eXchange platform for exchanging IP traffic between networks and a global distributed network of DNS servers to support root domain zones.
The Russian Research Institute for Public Networks (RIPN) was established to implement the methods and technology of the development of public computer networks that realize the opportunities for information exchange for the widest possible range of consumers and information suppliers, primarily state, educational and scientific organizations.
DATAIX - international peer to peer traffic exchange network between operators and content generators Russia, European and Asian countries. 22 PoPs are located in 4 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Germany.
The project was founded in 2009. Today DATAIX holds more than 360 ASNs in peering, 80% of them - ISPs, 20% - content providers.
DWDM.RU is the provider of L1/L2 channels between data centers, as well as remote connection services to the largest traffic exchange points in Russia and abroad. One of the TOP-3 DE-CIX partners by the number of connections and traffic volume. The company has communication nodes in the data centers of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Frankfurt.
SIBIR-IX - regional traffic exchange network of the Siberian Federal District of Russian Federation. Its own data center for high-speed content delivery and OTT generates 40% of all peer-to-peer traffic. The project was organized in 2005 by several providers to optimize their business.
The traffic exchange point Sea-IX is a neutral and independent network infrastructure in the South of Russia. Here, all participants exchange traffic among themselves directly, reducing delays and improving the connectivity of their networks.
Crimea-IX is a regional Internet eXchange network, created to improve resource availability and to reduce costs of inter-operator provider interaction in the peninsula.
CrimeaCom is one of the largest telecom operators in Crimea. Provides full range of telecommunication services for internet providers, SOHO, corporate and public sector.
Eurasia Peering IX is an independent carrier-neutral platform advancing traffic exchange and connectivity in Eurasia.
ULN-IX provides traffic exchange between Internet providers of the Ulyanovsk region and the largest operators in Russia, as well as optimal access to the regional portal of public services.


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