Runet connectivity

Local BGP-connectivity of Russian autonomous systems

The Internet computer network can be represented as a set of independent autonomous systems (AS) and connections between them that provide traffic moving.

Autonomous system (AS) on the Internet is a system of IP networks managed by one or several operators, which has a single, clearly defined routing policy.

The exchange of routing information between autonomous systems is carried out via the BGP protocol (RFC4271).

We define BGP-neighborhood as the interaction of two autonomous systems, in which at least one BGP-session is established between them, in which at least one prefix (network route) is announced. In this case, we assume that there is a connection between these two autonomous systems.

The object of this study is the connectivity of Russian autonomous systems. AS belonging to the Russian Federation is determined by its registration data in the RIPE NCC, the city of AS registration is determined by the address of the organization-owner.

The study involves Russian autonomous systems. A combined table of BGP routes collected from the MSK-IX DNS Cloud routers and from open projects (RIS, RouteViews) is used as the initial data on the state of connectivity between autonomous systems.

The circle charts show the distribution of Russian AS by the number of connections.

Runet IPv4 AS,
Runet IPv6 AS,
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The polar radius corresponds to the number of BGP neighbors of AS (on the reverse logarithmic scale), and the polar angle corresponds to the geographical longitude of the AS registration city (0 degrees - Kaliningrad, 359 degrees - Anadyr).

Geographical coordinates of the cities are determined using the geographical database MaxMind.

Stub AS is not displayed on circle charts.

The number of BGP neighborhoods characterizes the significance of this AS for the connectivity of the Runet.

All Runet IPv4 AS,
All Runet IPv6 AS,

There are several types of AS:

1) Relative to network routes:

  • Transit AS – is an autonomous system that announces at least one IP-prefix received from one BGP-neighbor to another BGP-neighbor.
Transit Runet IPv4 AS,
Transit Runet IPv6 AS,
  • End AS is an autonomous system that does not announces any IP prefix received from one BGP-neighbor to another BGP-neighbor.

2) By the number of BGP-neighbors:

  • Multihomed AS – is an autonomous system that has more than one BGP neighbor.
Multihomed Runet IPv4 AS,
Multihomed Runet IPv6 AS,
  • Stub AS - is an autonomous system that has exactly one BGP-neighbor.
Stub Runet IPv4 AS,
Amount of AS:
Stub Runet IPv6 AS,
Amount of AS:

The Runet core we define as the set of AS, having at least 100 BGP-neighborhoods

IPv4 Runet core,
IPv6 Runet core,

The AS list, in descending order of the number of connections: